Świeca sojowa CUTE BUBBLE


CUTE BUBBLE soy candle

Dimensions: 4/ 4/ 4 cm

Weight: 40 g

Composition: soy wax

Knot: cotton cord


1. Stand.
When burning an irregularly shaped decorative candle, remember to place it on a stand or tray. This is very important because melted wax can flood a delicate surface and discolor it. Choose a coaster or plate that will not only protect the delicate surface underneath, but will also be a great decoration.

2. Wick length.
Make sure the candle wick is not too long. Both for candles with a wooden wick and a regular wick, it is recommended that its length be 3-4mm. If the wick is longer, the candle may smoke. Trimming the wick should be done when the wax has set. This will keep the wax clean. Any contamination must be removed.

3. Surroundings.
The candle should not be burned near the window, ventilators and places exposed to drafts. Failure to follow these rules may result in the candle smoking and thus incorrect burning. This also affects the precious fragrance that will not stay in the room.

Each candle is made by hand, which is why it is unique and unrepeatable.
Created especially for you!

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